The Truth Behind Selena Quintanilla Surgery

Selena Quintanilla’s effortless beauty and the music industry. Did Selena go under the knife to make her way into the music world? Selena Quintanilla surgery is a riddle, as the artist can no longer explain the truth. Sources say she went under liposuction to reduce her tummy and thighs but also claim that her lips are natural. Gone too soon, but Selena is still famous today and has a good fan club. Some people call her modern-day Shakira and Gloria Estefan.

Who is Selena Quintanilla?

Having Mexican and Cherokee ancestry, Selena Quintanilla was known as the “Queen of Tejano Music”. During the 90’she rose to fame and was named the Top Latin artist by Billboard magazine during her short yet stellar career. “Selena: The Series” is a Netflix series based on the artist’s life; Selena’s fans appreciated the show directed by Hiromi Kamata. Apart from her art, fans admire her incredible beauty and want to know if she underwent surgery. Before The Netflix series, in 1997, a biopic film was released: the cast was Jennifer Lopez was cast as Selena Quintanilla. Jennifer rose to fame after that film.
 Here is a sneak peek into the life of Selena Quintanilla’s surgery journey and a lot more.

Selena’s Plastic Surgery Journey

Fans are still curious about the artist’s life years after her death. After the release of the Netflix series, Selena gained a new fan following who wanted to know about her plastic surgery endeavors. During the ’90s, plastic surgery was not a mainstream practice. Along with being beautiful, Selena was elegant. In 1994 a year before her death, Selena got the Grammy Award for the best Mexican/American Album. The Beautiful Selena Quintanilla Surgery remains a mystery as the singer can no longer provide accurate information about her choices.

The Singing Star’s Tragic Death- Who Killed Selena

Selena’s tragic death shortly before her 24th birthday left her fans in deep despair and sadness. She was shot by her former fan club president Yolanda Saldivar. Saldivar was a friend of Selena’s and operated her Selena Etc. Boutiques in San Antonio and Texas. Selena’s father was against Saldivar as her management skills were weak, and she could not handle fan clubs. On further investigation, Selena’s father found no official record of around $30,000 from boutiques and fan clubs. The official records of her murder trial also support this. Selena’s father pressed on this issue and wanted Selena to part ways with Saldivar, but Selena wanted proof. On 31st March, she went to the Days Inn motel with Saldivar and discussed annual reports that would refuse misappropriation charges, but Saldivar had other plans and took a gun from her purse. She shot at Selena, which hit her shoulder. Selena was able to flee the scene and ask for help; her the team tried their best to save her, but she died of hypovolemic shock. The culprit ran off the scene, but the authorities got hold of her after a nine-hour search. In October 1995, during her trial, she was charged with murder and convicted of life in jail. She was lucky to get an
option of parole after 30 years in 2025.

Selena’s Funeral – A State Affair 

On 3rd April 1995, she was laid to rest in her hometown, Corpus Christi. The government paid their respects to her funeral by airing it nationally on the radio. About a predominantly Hispanic audience, many prominent newspapers like the Latin Magazine covered the story on the front
cover. Like Madonna, big stars of that era openly paid their respects to the singing star. George W. Bush, then Governor, declared 16th April as Selena Day in Texas to pay tribute to the late artist. Now and then, local legislators tried their best to make Selena Day an official holiday rather than a mere ceremonial day. The Latino community, in particular, was deeply affected by this event; some travelled thousands of miles to visit her home and show their respects. Churches also offered special prayers in her name.

The Final Word

Selena Quintanilla was a star. Her songs made a wave in the 1990s, and Latin music saw new heights. She was Wonderful and elegant at the same time. Her fans live around the world where Tejano music is listened to, but after the release of the Netflix series, she found a new fan following; fans want to know more about her and if she was a natural beauty or went under plastic surgery. Selena Quintanilla surgery remains one of the most asked questions as people notice significant changes between her childhood and adolescence pictures. 

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