Candice Delong Plastic Surgery

Candice DeLong, a former FBI criminologist and criminal profiler, was born on July 16, 1950. She is 71 years old. DeLong worked on the Unabomber case as the chief profiler in San Francisco, California. The shows Deadly Women and Facing Evil with Candice DeLong on Investigation Discovery are currently hosted by her. She is frequently contrasted with Clarice Starling, the main character in the film The Silence of the Lambs.

DeLong, who was born and reared in Chicago, Illinois, is the daughter of a builder father and a housewife mother. DeLong claimed that when she was younger, her father advised her to opt for a practical career. DeLong formerly worked as a mental nurse at Northwestern University Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, before transitioning into the field of criminal profiling. She had a young son and was divorced by the time she was 28 years old. 

DeLong attended the FBI training programme in Quantico, Virginia in 1980 in search of a new job. There were just seven female recruits in all. DeLong pursued employment with the FBI in Chicago after earning his degree from Quantico. DeLong claimed that she used comedy to lower stress levels at work. She stated that her three professional objectives were to “work with a high-profile national criminal, catch a serial killer, and save a kidnap victim alive.”

Candice Delong surgery?

It is not surprising that Candice DeLong has undergone cosmetic surgery. After they began watching the Discovery Channel’s criminal documentary-style television series Deadly Women, the majority of her followers began to appreciate her scepticism.

In her most recent appearances, Candice is teased on Reddit for looking like a cross between “Sharon Osbourne” and “Kris Jenner” and the “Ken Doll” man, a sort of gender-fluid man.

For years, viewers have followed Deadly Women’s ongoing evolution. Many people think she is beautiful and didn’t need plastic surgery. She may be overstuffed and tightened in the wrong areas from Botox and facelifts, but she still looks lovely despite this.

But it’s true that every year, her physique gets more and more plastic. It’s not hard to state that whatever she’s doing ought to cease right away. She’s not ageing gracefully; she’s looking like the “botched puppet.”

Is Candice Delong’s surgery real or a myth?

Candice Delong’s plastic surgery is not a myth. However, her personal endeavours, notably plastic surgery, cannot be compared to her extraordinarily successful professional career. DeLong seems a little tight in the most recent images seen after surgery, which is a sure clue.

Fans adore her However, a few years ago, they realised that she was starting to look menacing. Some people said they were astounded that she had such a brilliant mind, but they just wound up hurting her face.

Others, though, think she looks young for her age. She should, however, stop or at least slowdown. She seemed to be doing everything in her power to delay ageing.

If she does not give up her infatuation with plastic surgery, her eyebrows will soon reach the top of her head, so it’s okay to age a little. She is being cautioned by the public not to push herself too hard.


Information about Candice DeLong’s numerous plastic surgery procedures, particularly her facelift and Botox treatments. Take a look at her photos from before and after. She has remained in superb health and is disease-free even at this advanced age. 

One admirer stated, Also a fan of her show! And because of her personality, I find her to be endearing in either case. It’s heartbreaking to see a smart woman struggle to adhere to the standard Hollywood never-aging mentality.

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