Kim Kardashian Workout

One thing that gives immense popularity to the Kardashian family is their well-maintained body. All the women in the Kardashian family, are always in the best body shape, obviously, they have a whole team of professional fitness trainers and nutritionists. Still the credit also goes to their dedication and hard work. Kim Kardashian workout, no doubt is the most demanded workout routine on the internet.

Being a reality star, businesswoman, and mother Kim Kardashian has one of the finest bodies in the world. The hourglass figure of Kim is a Desire of many women. Get ready as we will take a deep dive into the Kim Kardashian workout routine.

Kim Kardashian workout routine

we are about to divide Kim Kardashian workout routine into a few parts including

⦁ Kim Kardashian’s morning workout

Kim Kardashian does workouts 6 days a week with only one rest day. Just like all the kardashians, kim also loves to work out. Her Morning starts at 6:00 a.m. She likes to start her day with a workout. According to many fitness trainers, working out in the morning is the best thing one can do to lose weight. You can also do a workout after your breakfast depending on your schedule. If you do workout after your breakfast it will help strengthen muscles.

Kim Kardashian’s morning workout is one hour to one and a half hours. Which is a good time but Less than celebrities who work out 2 to 3 hours a day.

⦁ Kim Kardashian abs workout

No one can deny that Kim Kardashian’s abs look amazing. Especially when she showcases her figure in a bikini or swimsuit. Abs like Kim Kardashian’s are not a piece of cake, you need to spend at least one day on an abs workout to achieve such a beautiful midsection. Following are the main exercises that Kim Kardashian performs for her abs

⦁ Lying leg lifts
⦁ A bicycle with clap
⦁ Plank
⦁ Butterfly sit-ups
⦁ Reverse V-ups
⦁ High boat to low boat.

⦁ Kim Kardashian weight training

Weight and strength training are essential for muscle growth and to improve body strength. Kim Kardashian likes super tough strength training. In Strength training, your muscles are targeted resulting in an alteration in body composition.

If you have excess fat in your body with the help of strength training you can burn fat. Everyday strength and weight training include combinations of chest press, overhead press, hip Hinges, squatting, and rows. She also includes exercises like glute Bridge, front squat, plank, Overhead Shoulder Press, and tricep extensions.

⦁ Less cardio

If you follow the workout routine of other celebrities, you will know how much importance they give to cardio exercises. However, Kim Kardashian is a little different than the rest as she puts cardio as the least priority of her workout routine. Kim Kardashian mostly likes to do resistance training and 80% of her workout includes weight training. Only 15% of her exercise routine makes up cardio exercises. In cardio Kim likes to do jogging and sprints.

Final thoughts

To achieve a body like Kim Kardashian you need to follow Kim Kardashian workout routine religiously. Fitness and workout are all about consistency and dedication. You will not get the results over the night. To reduce your weight and to get an attractive body it takes a complete Lifestyle change.

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