Nicole Wallace Weight Loss

In the year 2022, when people saw the news anchor of MSNBC News channel Nicole Wallace, the internet floated by her weight loss news. Seems like 2022 is all about the news of Nicolle Wallace. Earlier this year, in February, she tested covid positive. Now, Nicole Wallace weight loss transformation is the new hot topic on the Internet.

There were speculations that Nicole Wallace is sick. If you desire to know the reality behind Nicole Wallace weight loss transformation then keep reading.

Who is Nicole Wallace

Nicole Wallace is an American news anchor and television host. She was born on 4 February 1972, in Orange County, California. She hosts the show Deadline. It is a show related to political news on the MSNBC News channel.

She also makes appearances on other shows such as morning Joe and the 11th hour on MSNBC and NBC news. During the government of George Bush, she also worked as White House communications Director.

She graduated from Miramonti high school in 1990. From the University of California Berkeley, she did a bachelor of arts degree in mass communication. She also did Masters in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill school.

Nicole Wallace weight loss transformation

When Nicole Wallace appeared on the TV screen in 2022. Seems like during the pandemic period she has been busy shedding a few pounds. She looks smarter.

Is Nicole Wallace sick

No, Nicole Wallace is not fighting any illness. She is all good and back to her job as a news anchor. Although she was Covid positive in February. During that period she shed 1 pound. She was much thankful to the whole team of the Deadline as they supported her during that period.

Fans become worried in February when she did not appear on the show. Although through her Twitter account she has explained to her fans why she is not appearing on the show. She also appreciated the effort of her colleagues in running the show well.

She also mentioned in her tweet that she is missing her show and her team but she’s happy that talented people are handling it. She also said, she will be on the show at her home studio.

She took a lot of care of herself but due to Covid, she lost a few pounds. Her weight loss is quite prominent. Therefore, fans are making different assumptions regarding her weight loss. However, the most common reason for her weight loss can be Covid.

Nicole Wallace’s diet plan

Even prior to Nicole Wallace weight loss she has always maintained a healthy lifestyle. She likes to eat a nutritious healthy diet and does regular workouts. It has been quite a few years since she is following this lifestyle.

Unfortunately, she has not yet disclosed her exact diet plan and workout routine. Through her social media and we can see that she likes to do workout daily and eat the right food. She belongs to a political background but now she is more famous as a journalist.

Nicole Wallace plastic surgery

Apart from Nicole Wallace weight loss transformation, there are also rumors regarding Nicole Wallace’s plastic surgery. There are speculations on the Internet that she has done Botox, facelifts, and lip fillers to enhance her looks.

However, plastic surgery rumors are only the assumptions of followers. She herself did not mention any plastic surgery or maybe people are noticing differences in her face due to different makeup techniques


Nicole Wallace has never been obese. Recently, she has shed a few pounds which may be due to Covid. In February 2022, she tested Covid positive. Even after taking all the doctor’s prescriptions and care, she might have suffered from weakness resulting in weight loss. So Nicole Wallace weight loss is only due to Covid.

Nicole Wallace herself has not commented on her weight loss. She also did not share her workout routine. Although she follows a healthy lifestyle. We hope that in the future she will share her diet plan and workout routine so that her followers can also get benefit from it.

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